What is 3D PUF Code Technology

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What is 3D PUF Code Technology?

3D PUF Code exists only ONE in the world and cannot be duplicated.   The possibility of having the same code is 1×10<exp148>, therefore, even if a hacker stole an entire database from the server, there is near to zero possibility of copying the database.  Even the manufacturer of the code, cannot replicate the same code.  There are other authentication technologies available.  However, it seems that there is not a perfect solution available today.  For example, biometrics have been used for individual identity authentication. Biometrics is also vulnerable and it could be dangerous.  What if you lose your bio info stored in a database?   A hacker might have your personal biodata throughout your life.  


3D PUF Code for one-way verification

There are many application possibilities using 3D PUF Code technology including government-issued certificates and documents, brand protection, and individual authentication.   Today, due to a lack of near to perfect technology, the two-way verification method is largely used by most online platforms for authenticating individuals. The two-way verification is one of the most reliable methods, however, it has also drawbacks since it still relies on text messaging that is vulnerable to copying or manipulation.  What would you expect to use 3D PUF Code instead of two-way verification?

3D PUF Code can be perfectly embedded in a plastic card, which is the size of your credit or debit card.  You can utilize your smartphone or a PC with a built-in camera to scan the code in the card. Then, the application will send the encrypted data to the server for authentication.  This is a much simpler and easier approach as compared to the existing two-way verification.

It doesn’t require any text, furthermore, the system uses encrypted 3D Code data for strengthening data security. What happens if you lost your 3D PUF embedded card?  This is the same case where you lost your credit or debit card.  You will have to get a new card.  The second question you may have is the case where a hacker takes your personal data from either a server or a smartphone.   In this case, the hacker will NOT be able to replicate the same code.   This is the core value of the 3D PUF code that a hacker cannot replicate the same code.    For further information, please contact us.

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