Issues with Nichrome Wire Heating

Issues with Nichrome Wire Heating have been known in certain applications today. Yet, Nichrome Wire Heating is widely used in commercial, industrial, and military applications also. It provides durability and stability in high-temperature as we understood. However, there are issues in applying the Nichrome wire to maintain a constant and optimal temperature for a large area securing from the extreme cold temperatures.  Especially, when ships are going through Arctic shipping routes, there are many unexpected issues with extremely cold temperatures. Here are some issues going through an Arctic route for a large ship:

  • The iced surface of a pathway endangers or even blocks people to walkthrough
  • Air ventilator may stop working and causing unexpected issues to the people and other equipment
  • Iced doors causing lock condition
  • Stairs to access different floors

To avoid these issues, most of the ships have adapted using Nichrome to supply electrical current to maintain a desirable temperature. However, when the coverage is large, it becomes not only expensive but also heat dissipation is greater than covering a smaller area.  Also, covering large areas by Nichrome generates a higher possibility of having a fire.  Moreover, it is heavy and takes up a large space to install and use it.

Stairs of a ship using Nichrome wires.  The application requires an alternate solution with lighter, energy-efficient, and durable.

Issues with Nichrome Wire Heating


Nichrome wire installed for anti-freezing. This is the most critical application to keep the door working against freezing temperatures.

Issues with Nichrome Wire Heating Door


A pathway in a ship uses the Nichrome wires for anti-freezing. It costs high and failed to work when passing through the Arctic.

Issues with Nichrome Wire Heating

Our solution with Solid MaxFlex ™

Solid MaxFlex ™ resolves most of the issues with Nichrome wires since it is light, energy-efficient, and also robust.

  • Lightweight provides an ideal solution for covering large areas and stairs.
  • At least 20% to 30% energy saving as compared to the Nichrome wires
  • Durable from external pressure
  • Easy to control and maintain an optimal temperature for each application