What is Solid MaxFlex™?

Solid MaxFlex™ is a new material technology using a flexible heating material(also called Solid HeatFlex™).  Solid MaxFlex™ provides a continuous electrical current through the material used in either extremely cold temperatures or hot temperatures.  In extremely cold temperatures, some equipment, devices, and components will not function due to the freezing temperature.  In contrast to extreme cold, the material also applies to extremely high heat applications sustained up to 400 degrees Celsius. 

Solid MaxFlex™as a trace heating technology

Solid Maxflex is a trace heating technology used for freeze protection, de-icing, and maintaining a constant and continuous supply of heat for mission-critical facilities such as semiconductor manufacturing and oil and gas processing,  Solid MaxFlex effectively and efficiently meet the industry’s requirement since it is flexible, reliable, and energy-efficient.

Why Solid MaxFlex?

The Solid MaxFlex is distinguished from other existing technologies. In comparison to the existing technology, Solid MaxFlex™ is pressure-free, fire-resistive, energy-efficient, and flexible heating material (HeatFlex™)

.  Subsequently, it lasts long and provides high energy efficiency. Therefore, it is highly adaptable to new applications in aerospace, chemical engineering, military applications, and wearing (clothing, and shoes). Since it offers 2 to 3 times higher energy efficiency, there are multiple applications available in a mission-critical and extreme temperature environment. 

Fully washable

One of the beneficial applications of technology is washable. Washing is the biggest issue with existing materials in self-heating clothes. As result, the final product of cloth made of carbon or Nano-silver, cannot wash it. The circuit to provide electrical current will be broken as a result of washing.  Solid MaxFlex™ washable ability potentially replace other technologies (carbon, Nano-silver) used in self-heating jackets.   Especially, Solid MaxFlex™ provides a longer operating time due to energy efficiency.   

Mission-Critical Applications

As a result of Solid MaxFlex™ properties,  there are many possibilities for different types of applications: aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, and commercial.  Particularly, our Solid Heat Flex™ fits perfectly for the smart fabric or clothing since the application requires a seamless electrical current to flow. Also, it has to receive information from sensors for body temperature, blood pressure, and level of moisture. However, the existing technologies lacking to support these important requirements.  

Flexible Heating Material is sustainable at 400 degrees in Celsius 

Technology Barrier

Breaking through existing technology Barrier

Testing example with different temperature settings

With our technology, heat is being distributed evenly to all the angles of the material.  Therefore, it results in high energy efficiency throughout the lifecycle of the target applications.

Heat distribution 

The material is an innovation that can replace existing materials having vulnerabilities issues: pressure, washing, and short life-cycle. Also, energy efficiency has been one of the most important issues with current technologies.  In summary, Solid MaxFlex™ offers:

  • High durability with external pressure or forces
  • Even heat disbursement
  • High Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable in extreme high temperatures (up to 400 degrees Celsius)
  • Fully washable, suitable for wearing applications
  • Longer life-cycle than other material technologies

Solid MaxFlex

Solid Maxflex Comparison Chart