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Brand Management and building have been one of the main businesses of Clerian Inc, currently, it manages several brands: Aian Sterilizer, Thanks Baby, Litem, and Living Star that are commercially available in the market today. Our focus has been on creating brand awareness, a unique brand story, and unified messaging for customers.

Experience with large platforms

We have many years of experience in new brand launching through large platforms: Home Shopping Network,, and others.  Moreover, we help our clients with analyzing multidimensional aspects of a product associated with the brands.

Brand building

Branding building takes many necessary steps from packaging analysis to commercialization.  Generally, manufacturers may not aware of the full details of the steps to achieve successful commercialization.  Furthermore, they often miss the importance of basic elements of a brand such as packaging, quality, and finally, the customer experience of the brand.

Market Research

A comprehensive market research results in successful commercialization, also it sets a roadmap for a brand for the future.  Therefore, we highly suggest our clients a multidimensional analysis of the market with a qualitative and quantitative approach.

Brand management and building have been the company’s continuous efforts for its clients while generating revenue for clients are sometimes challenging; therefore, we take step by step approach.