Solid HeatFlex™ for Wearable Healthcare

HeatFlex Body Temperature Guard by MaxFlex™ helps healthy living since it provides constant monitoring of human body temperature and maintains an ideal temperature for an individual.  The 97 ~ 98 Fahrenheit or 36.11 ~ 36.6 Celsius is the normal body temperature. Below these temperatures, there might be a problem in the body. Therefore,  the temperature management of the human body is important for healthy living.   An ideal heat applied to the human body helps to circulate the blood; therefore, mitigating pain in a part of the body.

HeatFlex body temperature guard

The above InfraRed photoshoots help to understand our body system related to temperature.  Moreover, they illustrate how normal temperature vs. abnormal temperature.  The individual photoshoots were taken from a patient who was suffering from a spinal disc.  Before the surgery, the right leg (shown to the left from the front view), shows blue. After the surgery both legs become red color indicating a normal temperature of the body.  In conclusion, human health is highly related to normal temperature. Any below or above the temperatures, one may have an issue with the body or part of the body.

What is wearable healthcare?

Wearable healthcare has been getting popular today since it helps to monitor human health through various sensors via wireless technologies. Our HeatFlex Body Temperature Guard maintaining body temperature consists of body temperature sensors, a wearable Solid HeatFlex, a smartphone, and a self-learning server.  These components work together to monitor and adjust the human body temperature.  The sensor constantly monitors a part of the body temperature and sends the data to a smartphone via Blue Tooth. Then, the smartphone receives the data and converts it for healthcare data format. After that, it sends the data to the server, which then saves and analyses the data for an individual.   The server shall send optimized or analyzed the individual’s temperature data all the way back to Solid HeatFlexto adjust the temperature.   Moreover, one can find his or her data via a smart phone.

Feature and Benefits of Solid HeatFlex ™ wearable healthcare

Solid HeatFlex ™ is a system that not only monitors the body temperature of an individual but also maintains an ideal temperature for an individual.   Below are the outlines of the benefits of the Solid HeatFlex ™ system. 

. To manage the temperature of the human body for healthy living

. Automatic temperature adjustment by sensors with a smartphone, and server

. Heal and mitigate pains via the right temperature

.Personalized data gathering and analysis

HeatFlex body temperature guard