LivingStar for Home Improvement

LIVINGSTAR for Home Improvement is an affordable brand to help consumers with their home needs with innovative and good quality products. Clerian Inc manages the brand for earning the trust of customers to bring beneficial products for consumers.

Living Star with Storage and Organization for your living space

LivingStar for Home Improvement provides various types of storage and organization products for your convenience. Furthermore, it not only organizes your valuable space but also makes your space neat and cleaned. Since space becomes expensive and many consumers want multifunctional, we consider these important market needs and implement them in our design. Consequently, we will endeavor to provide the best services with good design and quality products.

Brand portfolio

We have a bidet seat and storage category fall under the Living Star brand.   In fact, we are one of the pioneers to introduce bidet seats in the early stage in North America.  As a result, we have gained deep experience in the market that shall lead us to enhance our product line.

The storage and Organization category has been successful for Clerian Inc, who has introduced this particular category in 2016.