Clerian Inc, an SBA 8(a) certified firm, has been engaged in corporate consulting businesses since the company establishment, with an emphasis on innovative products & technologies in home improvement and IT security space.   Clerian Inc also has expertise in building and launching new brands through various large organizations such as HSN,, Rexall, and Brookstone. Experience includes business development with Sprint & Nextel, Western Digital, and other Fortune 500 companies. It also works with US Federal and State government agencies.  In addition to that, one of the strengths of the company is having the ability to perform comprehensive market research and digital content development.  


Cleian Inc overview

Below is a quick summary of the recent Clerian Inc’s activities

Flexible heating material (Solid HeatFlex™)

Solid HeatFlex™ 

A flexible heating material technology resolves existing issues with sustainability in high heat (over 400 degrees Celsius). Furthermore, it is highly durable with high pressure or external force. It is also fire-resistive and provides a longer life expectancy for a target application. Moreover, it provides high energy efficiency thanks to patented technology. The material is flexible and adaptable to target applications, which include aerospace, industrial engineering, and commercial applications.

  • HeatFlex pad 

  • 3D PUF Technology 

  • 3D PUF Technology, resolving issues with brand protection from copying that addresses several trillions of dollars and millions of jobs lost per annum  Furthermore, it applies to not only brand protection but also online authentication, document protection, and government-issued IDs.  The possibility of having the same code is 1×10<exp148>, which is impossible for even a manufacturer to produce the same code. Moreover, the cost of building infrastructure is relatively cheaper than other authentication technology.  Thanks to using a smartphone as the means of reading the code.  The system consists of hardware code, smartphone app, and servers that store and retrieve 3D PUF code data.   
    • 3D PUF Technology a card embedded showcase

Brand management 

Clerian Inc manages several brands that include Aian Sterilizer, Thanks Baby, Litem, and Living Star.



AIAN Sterilizer specializes in UV Sterilizers and Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.  The quality and expertise of AIAN Sterilizer made the brand getting popular among businesses and consumers. 

Livingstar Home Improvement

LivingStar is an affordable home improvement brand carrying necessary daily living items. It brings you multiple benefits with various home & office goods for your convenience.  

Thanks Baby Logo

ThanksBaby aims for the high quality and safety of the baby and mother’s health.  The brand portfolio includes breastmilk bags and other baby goods.  Breastfeeding benefits both the baby and mother.  It offers an opportunity for giving not only necessary nutrition and antibody for the baby but also reduces the chance of getting cancer for the mother.