UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer Dispenser for offices 

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UV Sterilizer and Sanitizer Dispenser for offices are needed since people are postponing visits since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.   This tendency leads to issues with many businesses. Many businesses are vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, N95 masks, goggles become a shortage in the supply chain from time to time.

Why you need UV Sterilizer and Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser?

Wearing masks may still not be enough since there are high touch or common use of products, tools, and electronics.  These objects need to be sterilized for removing bacteria and viruses remained on the surface,  Also, people in the office and visitors need to sanitize their hands frequently.  UV Sterilizers and Sanitizer Dispenser for offices may need additional personal protective equipment.  However, most of the places use a push-type gel for sanitizing hands, but this is not an ideal solution since the touch area is could be a source of viruses.   Therefore, offices need a touchless or automatic sanitizer dispenser for the employees but also visitors.

How AIAN Sterilizer can help hospital?

AIAN Sterilizer provides two types of sterilizers: a low-temperature and high-temperature operation.   Each type has its own property and functions.  For instance, if you want to sterilize heat-sensitive objects such as thin bottles, electronics, and other medical tools, then you will need a low-temperature sterilizer.  AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer meets this specific need.  It uses UVC 253.7 wavelength, which removes 99.9% bacteria and viruses, moreover, it employees a Plasma Ionizer.  Plasma is known to be the 4th state besides gas, liquid, and solid.  It generates negative ions that work against bacteria and viruses.   With a one-touch operation, it takes 30 minutes to finish a sterilization process.


You also may need to sterilize heat insensitive objects.  Then, AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer is the answer. It has almost the same mechanical structure as AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer; however, it is a fundamentally different machine.  AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer uses UVC and Far InfraRed, which are both highly effective removing 99.9% bacteria and viruses.  Moreover, it takes 20 minutes to finish a sterilizing and drying cycle.


The common functions of AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer and AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer

Durable body and tempered glass

Aian Sterilizer & Dryer durable body
Aian UV Sterilizer with a durable body

They are designed for sterilizing objects inside the unit since the UV & InfraRed rays and Plasma ions may not good for human health.  Therefore, we designed the mechanical feature to keep the rays or ions inside the unit with a durable body.   The tempered glass window is an additional feature for safety. It not only ensures the rays or ions keeping inside the unit, but also it is durable.

Hexagonal Mirroring Structure

Aian UV Sterilizer Hexagonal mirroring
Hexagonal structure

AIAN Sterilizer uses its own patented hexagonal mirroring structure for the effective delivery of rays to reach the target objects.   It not only helps to the effective delivery of rays but also eliminates dead angles to receive rays to the target objects.   This function allows AIAN Sterilizer to quickly and effectively remove bacteria and viruses.

Spacious Room

AIAN Multipurpose Sterilizer and AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer both have 1060 inches available space inside the unit. Yet they are the fastest sterilizer in the market today, by comparing time to complete a sterilization cycle and available space.

One-touch operation and Audio

Aian UV Sterilizer & Dryer
OneTouch Operation

By pressing a button, the machine starts the sterilization process.  AIAN Sterilizer & Dryer will announce audio messaging for the starting and ending of a 20-minute operation. This feature releases you for doing other tasks.     You will hear a brief audio alert as you press the button. After 30 minutes later you will hear another brief alert sound to notify you of the completion of the sterilization process.

Air Circulation

AIAN Sterilizers have a built-in fan in the back of the unit for supplying fresh air to circulate inside the unit. In addition to that, it has a washable filter that you wash once a month. (the more frequent use, you recommend to wash it by weekly).

Premium Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser – Touchless 1.2L Wall-mounted

Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Automatic Premium

The touchless automated hand sanitizer dispenser is a premium rubbing alcohol dispenser.  It generates fine particles of alcohol delivered to your hands once you place your hands inside the unit.   The high-quality sensor allows detecting your hands and automatically sprays the alcohol. It runs about 2500 to 2800 times of spray with a full tank, which takes 1.2 Liter or 0.317 Gallon.  You may need alcohol-based sanitizer following the CDC guideline which recommends using at least 60% alcohol contained in the sanitizer.

Small footprint, highly efficient use of alcohol, and easy installation

Adding a device to your valuable space really matters since it may not take up space but also hinders traffic.   Therefore, we recommend a wall type instead of a stand type.   The stand type not only hinders the traffic but also brings a chance of fall down of the stand.     However, a wall type is easier to install in a dead space in a wall.

The dimension and weight of AIAN Hand Sanitizer Dispensers are 44(w)x6.49(d)x15.15(h) inches and 6.39 pounds.   It can nicely fit into your office.  As far as installation, it is simple since it takes 2 screws to hang the unit against the wall.  Moreover, typically you just need to spend less3 than 5 minutes to install the unit.

Using a 3rd party rubbing alcohol less cost for you

AIAN Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser is a premium class dispenser that offers you multiple benefits. Yet, it manages the right amount of alcohol to spray on your hands.   You can use any 3rd party rubbing alcohol which allows saving cost.  Since you are not tied with a brand that offers a machine relatively cheap, but you will have to buy the sanitizer from them.  With AIAN Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser, you not only can choose the rubbing alcohol but also, if offers you efficient use of the alcohol.  After 6 months to 1-year operation, you will find out the total cost will be cheaper than others.

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