3 Dimensional Physically Unclonable Function

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3D PUF is the most effective hacking-free solution.

3 Dimensional Physically Unclonable Function, 3D PUF technology is one of the most effective hacking free solutions today. 3D PUF system consists of unclonable physical codes, servers for registration of a code, and an authentication server. This unique code technology applies to various applications. For brand protection applications, a consumer can authenticate a true brand by a smartphone. Moreover, the possibility of having the same code is 1Ⅹ10<exp148>, which makes it impossible to duplicate the same code. Even the manufacturer of the code cannot replicate the same code. Moreover, a consumer authenticates the code attached or embedded to brand merchandise, the cost of implementing 3D PUF is relatively cheaper than others.


3 Dimensional Physically Unclonable Function


Origin of the technology

Current brand protection methods are all having issues in either vulnerability from copying and hacking. For instance, France invented the chip card technology, and today, financial institutions, governments, and various organizations are using chip card technology. The chip card makes it difficult from copying since it requires a special reader to read the data, but it is still vulnerable to hacking.  People can copy bar codes easily and use them also. Globally, 1.7 Trillion Dollars and 2.5 Million jobs are lost. The 3 Dimensional Physically Unclonable Function, 3D PUF Code is helpful to mitigate the fake brands in the global market.

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